CarX Street Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide

With multiple features and modes, CarX street game is slightly hard to understand or control without any prior knowledge. In fact, many Carx Street beginners can’t find the car races and the right customization of their Cars to win every race while competing with friends or competitors. As a top ranker, I’ve provided this CarX Street beginner guide with my personal several tips and tricks for gameplay to know how about the game and for your improvement.

Beginner Guide
CarX Street Beginner Guide

Basics Guide of CarX Street Beginner Gameplay

CarX Street is the most popular racing game that offers an immersive experience with its excellent graphics and competition mode. This complete guide will cover all aspects of the gameplay, including controls, game modes, customization options, and tips and tricks for CarX Street Beginner.

Best Drifting Car


Understanding the controls will help you enjoy CarX Street for Android or IOS to the fullest. before starting game you need to understand the controls which are as follows:


You can increase your speed by pressing the gas pedal button. and you have turbo option than at some point of time you can press turbo button as well that will give you edge of extra speed.


When you want to slow down your car or stop it, you should use the brake button. Moreover while drifting also you should use brakes as well.

Formula 1 Car


To steer your vehicle, tilt your device left or right as you see fit. In order to drift as well you need to control the starring like if you wanna drift on right side than you need to turn steer opposite direction same wise versa.

Nitro Boost:

By tapping the nitro button, you will activate a temporary speed boost, which will take effect for a limited period.


Press the handbrake button on the steering wheel to perform sharp turns and drifts.

Boost Engine

Game Modes:

CarX Street offers various game modes to keep players engaged and entertained while playing on PC or smartphones Let’s explore them:

Career Mode:

In this mode, you progress through challenging races, earning money and unlocking new cars and tracks as you advance.

Time Trial:

Test your skills against the clock and aim for the fastest lap times on different tracks. Compete with friends or other players worldwide to climb the leaderboards.



Challenge other players in real-time multiplayer races. Show off your driving skills and compete for the top spot.

Free Roam:

Explore the open-world environment freely, cruising around the city, discovering hidden areas, and performing stunts.

Customization Options:

CarX Street allows players to personalize their cars to their liking. Here are the customization options available:

Premium Cars

Car Upgrades:

Enhance your car’s performance by upgrading its engine, suspension, brakes, and other components.

Visual Customization:

Change the paint color, apply decals, and add various body kits to give your car a unique appearance.

Performance Tuning:

Fine-tune your car’s handling, acceleration, and top speed to suit your driving style.

Multi Player Game

Tips for Success:

To succeed in CarX Street, consider the following information:

Master the Drift:

Drifting is crucial to earning points and maintaining control in tight corners. Practice your drifting technique to improve your race times.

Use Nitro Wisely:

Utilize the nitro boost strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents. Save it for straightaways or crucial moments in a race.

Customise Cars

Learn the Tracks:

Study the tracks and learn their layouts to anticipate upcoming turns and obstacles. This knowledge will give you an edge over your competitors.

Experiment with Upgrades:

Experiment with different car upgrades to find the optimal setup for each race. Balance speed, acceleration, and handling to suit the track conditions.

Map Understanding:

Players can quickly move from one section of the game to another due to the interconnectedness of the map, race field, and main page.

CarX Street APK

Also, a map, racing zone, and statistics section are the three principal sections of the game. A map shows where all the features and amenities of the game are located and where the player is on the map.


A house icon is displayed on the map to indicate the location of houses/settlements. Maps showing the locations of different houses or territories. Property ownership and purchase are displayed on the map for the player, while other properties are shown in white.

The player can view the price, garage capacity, and location upon tapping each settlement. Houses are primarily purchased to store cars.Using the reward money, you can increase garage capacity. Multi-house owners save much time traveling if they have multiple houses throughout the region.


The sprint is a type of racing competition. Throughout the map, they can be found. The icon has a drifting car in purple. It is the rank of the finishing position that determines the amount of reward money awarded during sprints.

Based on the finishing time, the class is ranked. When the player clicks the icon, information about finishing times, corresponding rewards, and the track’s length and span is displayed. Players are given essential reward money despite exceeding time limits.

Mustang Lovers

Gas Station:

Petroleum bunker filler icons represent gas stations. You can fill your car with gas in these areas on the map for money.


There following shops that show you in maps such as:

  • Tuning shop: Toolkit equipment shows tuning shops. Your car can be upgraded in these shops.
  • Styling shop: A paint spray icon indicates a styling shop. Car styling is done in these shops.


In Clubs, we can access features and huge rewards through symbols such as name cards, snakes, etc. The player can defeat the boss after joining the club. In addition to elite races, defeating the boss will bring huge rewards. To enter and participate in a club, a player should meet the specifications for their car and pay an entry fee.

Ford Mustang

Driving Tracks:

A few other features, navigation and steering, can be found on this page. To access the map, click the zoomed-out map on the left side of the screen. You can reset the car by clicking the button below the map icon. The speedometer, money owed, shots camera, and sleep mode of the car buttons are located on the right side of the screen.


The player can steer and navigate the car by using the screen buttons. A few differences exist between this and the button settings, mainly using left and right turns. By rotating the phone, a player can turn left or right using this accelerometer setting.

Gyroscopic navigation is enabled here. It is possible to adjust the buttons positions according to the player’s comfort in the settings. Still, if the button position is uncomfortable, the player can adjust it.


Tips and Tricks for CarX Street Beginners

  • NoS automatically refills when you speed in the game, so you don’t have to buy it every time it runs out.
  • Playing offline will not track your progress; keep your internet connection active at all times.
  • If you only have one car, do not try to buy more houses while the game gives you a free home at the beginning. Fast-travel through the map by buying a place on the other side.
  • You don’t have to spend more money to get a better car when you build it. The right parts should meet your needs.
  • Manual transmission may seem difficult if you start, but you must learn how to use it to progress and enjoy the game more. Select Manual transmission in settings>transmission.
  • You don’t need to worry about the difference between regular and sports gas; invest in a bigger tank.
  • You can drive to the nearest gas station even when the car runs out of fuel.
  • The game has a massive map; use it for complete missions.

Frequently Asked Questions

CarX Street requires a device running on iOS 10.0 or later for Apple devices and Android 5.0 or later for Android devices. Make sure your device meets these minimum requirements to ensure smooth gameplay.

In CarX Street, you can control your car using the on-screen controls. Use the virtual steering wheel to steer your vehicle, the gas pedal to accelerate, and the brake pedal to slow down or stop. Additionally, you can tilt your device to control the car’s movement. It is the best for CarX Street Beginner who just started playing it

To improve your skills in CarX Street, practice is critical. Spend time mastering the controls, understanding the physics, and learning the best racing lines for each track. Additionally, watch replays of your races to identify areas where you can improve and experiment with different car setups to find what works best for you.

A: CarX Street is free to download and play. However, it does offer in-app purchases for additional content and upgrades. These purchases are optional and not necessary to enjoy the game.

CarX Street offers a wide range of tracks to race on. Each track provides a different environment and challenges, from city streets to mountain roads. Explore various locations and master each track to become a skilled street racer.

To Conclude

After a few days, you’ll efficiently understand the whole game strategies, maps, and racing techniques. So don’t be sick as a parrot, if you’re a beginner in this. Plus, if you want to unlock all premium features without spending any money, then download CarX street mod apk latest version to fulfill your desire with 100% bugs fixed in CarX Street.

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